Tokyo Travel Tips | How to Have a Perfect Tour to Tokyo- Japan

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Regarded as the busiest city in the world, Tokyo makes tourists overwhelm with its global prosperity and indigenous culture. Every year, it fascinates millions of people to come and relax. However, many visitors wonder when or where they should visit.

How to have a perfect tour to Tokyo- Japan

Japan offers a variety of festivals around a year. You can participate in the Cherry blossom festival from the fourth week of March to the second week of April.  You can satisfy your romantic soul by sitting under the trees to see beautiful pink flowers in stunning views. At the end of July, tourists can enjoy the colorful displays of fireworks near the Sumida River. In the autumn, the city is wonderful as a natural picture with crimson leaves. The weather is very pleasant and comfortable.

Tokyo Travel Tips

Tokyo – A wonderful heaven to explore

Tokyo is regarded as a metropolitan city of the world where symbolizes the conflux of past, present, and future. Tokyo is also a center of international trade and global finance. As Japan’s capital, Tokyo has become the pride of this beautiful country for travel.


Tokyo is rich in ancient history and quickly considered as an ethnic and historical focused area of Japan. Coming to visit Tokyo, tourists have the opportunity to learn and understand more about the era of shoguns and samurai warriors and the foundation of this city. From a small fishing village, named Edo, Tokyo was built, constructed, developed and changed many times to become a political and cultural nerve center of Japan. Tokyo has holiday packages to make sure to help guests get access and have deep background knowledge about this stunning city.


Tokyo is reminded a lot in many famous movies, especially animated movie. Tourists will be astonished by the high rise structures and ancient buildings in the city. They remind visitors of the intelligence and the creativity of Japanese. The complexity of the structure, the immensity of ancient buildings are strong points of Tokyo. The Tokyo skyline is viewed from high buildings must make a great impression on visitors. Most of them entering Tokyo are really satisfied with the architecture and appreciate it highly.

Bullet trains

Bullet trains are familiar to Tokyo. Renowned for the punctuality and speeds up to 500 km per hour, Bullet trains actually become the lifeline of the workforce in Tokyo. Hence, try once to get experience with this kind of transportation.


Tokyo is considered the food heaven of the world. Guests can enjoy traditional cruise cooked by the most professional chefs in the world. Make sure you don’t miss to enjoy¬† Sushi, Japan’s cuisine icon.


Tokyo has many famous parks and botanical gardens …